At Aqua Product Services we design and implement innovative water treatment programs, projects and business operation solutions that match the specific needs of our clients.

Our dedication to exemplary customer service complemented by a stead fast commitment to safety and use of premium quality products defines each facet of our business operations to facilitate economic and sustainable outcomes tailored to suit our broad client base.

Highly qualified with in-depth industry experience, our team of technicians deliver advanced water treatment solutions to a diverse range of industries, including food and beverage, defence, healthcare, HVAC, mining, municipal, petrochemical and power providers.

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Our Services

Working with strategic partners and selected OEMs,
we source premium We work with clients to achieve a holis c improvement to facility processes and management, across four distnict business areas - water treatment, engineered systems, engineering services and products

Water Treatment Chemical & Services

  1. Cooling System

  2. Boiler System

  3. Waste Water

  4. Maintenance Chemicals

Engineering Services

  1. Water Treatment

  2. RO Plant

  3. Waste Water Plant

Company Values

Our Principles

Working with strategic partners and selected OEMs, we source premium Products to provide our clients with the latest proven technology offerings. All Products are manufactured according to relevant industry standards and guidelines and to deliver our clients specific benefits. Such integrated equipment offerings can reduce plant footprint, expedite installation and commissioning, reduce overall operational costs, enhance process performance and improve environmental sustainability. Our experienced engineers are qualified to assist client with optimum product selection and sizing to match their needs, along with delivering ongoing maintenance and support to ensure ongoing product performance.